Olga Kennard Research Fellowship Scheme

Contact: Keith Wylde, 0207-451 2547 or email ukresearch.appointments@royalsoc.ac.uk

Subjects Covered: Crystallography or structural molecular biology

Eligibility: Applicants must be citizens of the EU, Norway, Israel or Switzerland. There are no UK residency requirements for this appointment. Applicants must have at least three years' postdoctoral experience and should be at least 26 but not have passed their 40th birthday on 1 October in the year of application

Length of Tenure: Five years.

Place of Tenure: Applicants should propose to hold the appointment in a department in a British university or recognized research institute and should note that they will not be considered if they already hold a substantive post in such a department or in a European Union university. (A substantive post is one which is permanent, ie not a fixed-term contract). The successful applicant may spend up to two years of the fellowship working at institutions elsewhere in Europe.

Number Funded: 1.

Frequency: As vacancies occur.

Value: The salary will be paid on the academic and academic-related staff (Lecturer A and B) salary scale, with London Allowance where appropriate, together with annual research expenses, travel expenses and a contribution to baggage costs for a successful applicant from overseas. The Olga Kennard Research Fellowship is designed to be particularly beneficial for women as it includes the possibility of additional funds for family support, conversion for a period of part-time working and maternity leave if required.

Closing Date: No fixed date - as advertised.

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