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A general study of the various rites, ceremonies, and ritualistic systems may now be begun. A list of interesting and very instructive references is submitted accordingly. While the number of these references is large, yet the study of the introductory lists already given will enable the reader to make his own selection of the topics that most appeal to him.
Ablution Adonhiramite Masonry Adoption, Masonic Alliance, Sacred
Apocalyptic Degrees Auxiliary Degrees Cumulation of Rites Detached Degrees
East and West,
Knight of
Ecossais Ecossism Elect, Grand
Elect of Fifteen Elect of Nine Elect of Perignan Elect of Truth, Rite of
Elect, Perfect and
Sublimi Mason
Elect Philosopher Emperors of the
East and West
Fessler, Rite of
French Rite Grades Grand Consistory Grand Elect, Perfect
and Sublime Mason
Grand Inspector,
Inquisitor Commander
Grand Master Architect Grand Master of all
Symbolic Lodges
Grand Master of Light
Grand Orient Grand Pontiff Harodim, Prince of Heredom
Hermetic Art Hermetic Rite High Degrees Holy City. Knight of
Holy Sepulchre, Knight of Honorary Thirty-thirds H. R. D. M. Ineffable Degrees
Ineffable Triangle I.N. R.I. Intendant of the Building Intimate Secretary
Jurisdiction of Supreme
Kadosh Knight
(many references)
Knights Templar
Legend of Third
Libanus Lieutenant Grand
Society of
Magnetic Masonry Martinism Master ad Vitam
Most Wise
(many referencse)
Melesino, Rite of Mamphis, Rite of
Mizraim, Rite of Mother Council Mustard Seed,
Order of
Noachite Oath Order Order of Knighthood
Orphic Mysteries Osiris, Mysterious Paschal Feasts Patents
Patriarch, Grand Patriarch of Crusades Perfect Master Perfection, Lodge of
Perfection, Rite of Phallic Worship Philalethes, Rite of Philosophie Degrees
Philosophie Scottish Rite Postulant Practicus Preparation of Candidate
Priest Primitive Freemasonry Primitive Rite Prirnitive Scottish Rite
Prince Prince of Jerusalem Prince of Mercy Prince of Rose Croix
Prince of the Tabernacle Proofs Provost and Judge Reformed Rite
Ring, Masonic Rite Rite des Elus Coens Ritual
Robes Roman Colleges of
Rose Croix, Prince of Rosicrucianism
Royal Arch of Solomon Royal Order of Scotland Sabaism Sacred Asylum of High Masonry
Saint Germain Scottish Rite Secret Master Secret Vault
Select Master Senatorial Chamber Seneschal Serpent, Enight of Brazen
Seth Side Degrees Sovereign Sovereign Grand
Inspector General
Sovereign Prince of
Rose Croix
Step Sterkin Stone-Mason
Stone Worship Strict Observance, Rite of Stuart Masonry Sublime Knight Elected
Sublime Mason Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret Sun Worship
Supreme Council Swedish Rite Sword Symbolic Degrees
Talmud Temple Order of the Teutonic Knights Vault, Secret
Vielle-Bru, Rite of Wardens Watchwords Westphalia, Secret Tribunals of
Will Zabud Zadok Zinnendorf, Rite of

The subject is considered under ang them being these numerous headings, am
Absence Accuser Acquittal Active Member
Adjournment Admission Admonition Affiliated Freemason
Affirmation Age, Lawful Aid and Assistance Amendment
Ample Form Annual Communieation Appeal, Right of Arbitration
Arrest of Charter Assembly Atheist Ballot
Ballot-bos Ballot, Unanimity of Bastard Beneficiary
Benefit Society Blackball Book of Constitutions Business
By-laws Calling off Candidate Casting Vote
Confirmation of Minutes Constitution of Lodge Crimes Debate
Declaration Dedication Definition of Freemasonry Demit
Dimit Dispensation Due Examination Election
Emergency Equivocation Examination Expulsion
Free-born Free-will General Grand Lodge Honorary
Incorporation Infringing Inherent Rights Innovations
Jurisdiction Landmarks Lecture Legend
Lewis Lodge Morgan Motion
Names of Lodges Negro Lodges Oath Processions
Profane Qualifications Regalia Religion
Revival Secret Societies Sight, Making at Statues
Trials Unanimous Consent Vacancies Behavior
The reader will readily find such familiar headings as the Eastern Star, grotto, Masonic Clubs, Rcvol Order of Scotland, Shrine, and so on, but, there are others less well known to which he may here be referred with profit:
Builders' Rites and Ceremonies Co-Masonry D'Eon Edueation
Hymns Masonie Homes Masonic Presidents
of the United States
Masonic Relief
Nine Sisters Lodge Public Schools Roman Cathohcism Sermons
Sunday Schools Taxil Woman .
Special days of observance, the calendar, the references to ciphers or secret alphabets, the matter of official titles and the peculiar system of "characteristics" denoting rank—these and similar points are brought together here for ready consultation: MASONIC LAW.
AsaPae (love-feasts) Alphabet, Angelo Alphabet, Hebrew Alphabet, Samaritan
Anno Mundi Ascension Day B. D. S. P. H. G. F. Calendar
Charaeteristies Easter Easter Monday Enochian Tablet
G. A. O. T. U. G. O. D. Hebrew Chronologa H. R. D. M. I. A. A. T.
I. H. S. Illustrious In Hoc Signo Vinces I. N. R. I.
Inversion of Letters I. V. I. D. L. Rabbala Months Hebrew
Ne Varietur Nomenclature Sumbers Sumeration by Letters
Odd Numbers Pasehal Feast Passing the River (cipher) Titles
Year of the World
Many very significant words and phrases are to be found in the Encyclopedia pages, properly indexed for easy finding and explained in a manner fully satisfactory. Their pronunciation is also indicated in a section at the close of thee second volume. So many are these that a list of them here would run to great length and be very little more convenient for reference than to examine the pages direct of the Encyclopedia.
Commonly called the "Scottish Rite" for brevity, this important branch of the Masonic organization has a field, a literature, and a philosophy peculiarly its own. Wonderfully rich in philosophic symbolism, and an alluring, superbly dramatic ritual, its elaborate Degree system has had lavished upon it, and continues to receive, the wholesouled devotion of the most competent craftsmen among Masonic authorities.
Today the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite is essentially universal in operations over the entire civilized globe, finding earnest devotees among the best of studious Freemasons everywhere, appealing powerfully to the intellectual, and binding together in stronger bonds the lovers of freedom in thought, the enemies of oppression. Based, as it is, on the same sturdy foundations where rest securely the strong supports of Symbolic Lodges, the like symbolism, philosophy and history are peculiarly applicable and essential for the thorough study of the "Scottish Rite."
So many are the possible references to be found in the latest revised Mackey's Encyclopedia that only a very fevv can, for space reasons be mentioned here, concise as we may be. But sufficient data will be given in detail to lay a substantial foundation for the more complete study of the "Scottish Rite" when, having made a start and with interest aroused, the reader goes further into the subject as presented by a systematic research of the information provided by the Encyclopedia.
History of the Scottish Rite may at this stage verw appropriately but briefly be examined by a critical reading of Arras, Primordial, Chapter of, Baldwyn, Encampment, Clermont, Chapter of Clerrnont, College of Constitutions of 1762, Constitutions of 1786, Ecossais, Emperors of the East and West, Kadosh, Mother Council, Perfection, Lodge of Perfection, Rite of, Rosi crucianum, Saint Germain.
an outline study of Freemasonry, including the foun dation Degrees as well as the advanced ceremonies of the American or York Rite as well as the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, we have prepared the following syllabus for research work:

1. General Foundation of Freemasonry. a. Ancient Mvsteries.
b. Secret Soeieties of Early Christendom.
c. Pioneer Trades and Crafts, as the Roman Collegia.

2. Chivalrie Influenee upon Freemasonry. a. Religious Federations of Builders, as the Comacines.
b. Links of Importanee, as the Crusaders and Strict Observanee Bodies.
c. Knightly Assoeiations of the Middle Ages and later eras.

3. Biographies. a. Major biographical list of names.
b. Minor biographical list of names.

4.Various Philosophieal Rites. a. Rites of Leading Importance.
b. Miscellaneous Organizations.

5. Significant Words and Phrases. a. Masonic Words.
b. Masonic Phrases.

6. History and Laws. a. Statutes and Constitutions.
b. Pioneer Seottish Rite Bodies.
c. Modern Developments of the Rite.
d. Progress and Status of Scottish Rite Laws and Customs.

7. Philosophy of the Seottish Rite. a. Duty to God.
b. Brotherhood and Charity
e. Patriotism and Citizenship.
d. Personal Charaeter of a Seottish Rite Mason.

8. Symbolism of the Seottish Rite a. Symbols as Memory Aids.
b. Symbols as Teachers.

To illustrate what may be done in the investigation of Freemasonry along these lines let us consider Division 1 of the foregoing outline of study:

Under Section a, read the information given in the Encyclopedia under these headings: Antiquity of Freerlusonry; Aphanism; Caoiric Mysteries; Dionysian Architects; Egyptian Mysteries; Egyptian Priest: Eleusinian Mysteries; Mithras, Mysteries of; Mysteries, Ancient; Origin of Freemasonry; and Primitive Freemasonry.

Under Section b, consider the Comldees and the Essenes.
In Section c, it is proper to study the Bridge Builders; Comacine Masters; Gilds; Roman College and Traveling Masons.
But enough has been shown the reader to clearly indicate the path to pursue for an investigation of the subject.
R. I. C.