Dear Brethren,

La Fayette Made a Mason on the G.Washington Bible, Feb.22, 2002.

Mr. John Henry La Fayette, was made a Mason on February 22, 2002, the day we celebrate in the United States, our Brother George Washington's birthday. La Fayette is a direct descendant of the Marquis de La Fayette, the Freemason, Rosicrucian and hero General of the American Revolutionary War with Great Britain.

The Entered Apprentice Mason degree was conferred on La Fayette in full form at La Fayette Lodge #27, F.&A.M., in the 13th Masonic District, Rahway, NJ. Over 100 Masons attended the ceremonies of the evening with the M.W. David Alan Chase, Grand Master of Masons of the State of New Jersey present and accompanied by NJ Grand Lodge staff officers.

From all reports it was an excellent degree evening distinguished by:

1. The Masonic oath and obligation of Entered Apprentice Mason was given for Mr. La Fayette on the historical George Washington Bible brought to La Fayette Lodge in honor of this special occasion.

2. The Worshipful Master conferred the E.A. degree wearing Wor B. George Washington's historical Master's Jewel of Office.

3. The Three Lesser Lights originally lit in the Military Table Lodge of Fort Monmouth in New Jersey from the Revolutionary War days, were used at La Fayette Lodge for the degree conferral .

4. An inspection of the George Washington Bible brought to Rahway by Special Masonic Guards in a velvet-lined box, and last seen for the inauguration ceremonial oath of office of the now President of the United States, George W. Bush in Washington, D.C., revealed it to contain a hand-written prayer of days old, author unknown, reading as follows:

" O, God, Divine Architect of the Universe,
We bow with gratitude to they Omnipotence.
We acknowledge Thee as the Creator and
Preserver of all things. We thank Thee
for thy daily blessings conferred on us
In all our undertakings, more particularly,
O, God, we crave Thy Presence at this meeting.
Do Thou preside over us in the spirit of
Peace, Love and Charity, and to Thy Holy
Name be Power and Dominion, forever,